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Queen Sofia of Spain - Telegram!!!! Birthday Reply (2017)

As you may know, the Spain Royals aren't really good about replying. They always don't reply. And when they do, they often only reply to about half the people who wrote. I have only gotten one other reply from Spain Christmas 2016 from King Juan Carlos & Queen Sofia, despite numerous letters over the years.

So, when I wrote for Queen Sofia's 79th birthday last month, I wasn't expecting a reply.

Then this came in the mail. From the outside, it kind of looks like a piece of junk mail. But when you take a closer look it will sort of blow your mind, and make you feel like you've gone through a time portal.

It's a TELEGRAM!!!! A real-life sent, this century, telegram! I didn't even think telegrams still existed, but here one is. (This is the 1st Royal Telegram Reply I've seen from this century. And my first piece of Royal Mail mailed from the USA.)

With this kind of telegram, the Spanish Palace sent the note electronically to the telegram company. The telegram company sent it to their Orlando, Flordia office, who printed it out and mailed it to me. (I guess this is a cheaper process than just mailing an international letter.)

Translated the message reads:

"[Numbers I assume are related to their Telegram Account]
Palace of Zarzuela

Mrs. Gertrude Alexandra Daly 
[My Address]

As Chief of Protocol of the House of His Majesty the King & Her Majesty the Queen, Queen Sofia asks me to thank you for your kind words addressed to her on the occasion of her birthday. Warmest Regards, Alfredo Martinez Serrano"

So bizarre to be getting a telegram. It lacks the polish of other Royal Replies, but this will definitely be one of my favourites because of its uniqueness.

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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Offical Christmas Photos (2017)

Released December 3rd: Video of Crown Prince Family decorating Christmas tree at Frederik VIII´s Palace, the Family's home.

Released December 11th: King Felipe & Queen Letizia's Offical Christmas card with daughters Princess Leonor & Sofia. The photo is from Spain's National Day celebrations earlier this year.
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Nobel Prize Banquet - Detailed Schedule (2017)

Embed from Getty Images

Detailed Schedule for 2017 Nobel Prize Banquet in the Blue Hall at Stockholm City Hall. All times are Local Stockholm.

(7 PM Stockholm = 6 PM London, 1 PM New York, 10 AM Los Angeles, 5 AM Thurs Sydney)

6:30 PM
  • Guests begin to arrive at the Banquet and take their seats
7:00 PM
  • Guests at the Table of Honor process in
    • These are the Laureates, Royals, Nobel Prize Officials, etc. 
  • King Carl Gustaf give his speech
  • 1st Entertainment performance
  • 1st Course is served
8:20 PM 
  • 2nd Entertainment performance
  • Main course is served
9:20 PM
  • Dessert Wine is served
  • 3rd & 4th Entertainment performance
  • Desert is served with coffee and liqueur
10:20 PM
  • Student of Sweden parade their University Flags
  • Speeches from Nobel Laureates
    • 1 speech from each category
  • Banquet Ends and Table of Honor processes out
  • After Party Begins

King Michael of Romania's funeral

Embed from Getty Images
Royals Confirmed to Attend:
  • Romanian Royal Family
    • Nicholas Medforth-Mills with Fiancee, Alina Maria Binder
  • Prince Charles of Wales 
Reported by Media as Attending:
  • Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia
  • Queen Sofia of Spain
  • Prince Lorenz of Belgium 
  • Member of Royal Family of Japan, Luxembourg and Sweden
I would expect to see Royals or a representative (i.e. Ambassador) from Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and Sweden.

We likely won't get a full list of Royals attending until the day before or day of the funeral.

Schedule of Events (All Times: Romania/London)

Dec 5th 
  • King Michael of Romania passes away at age 96 (1 PM 11AM)
  • Crown Princess Margareta is declared the new head of the Romanian Royal Family
  • Prayer Service at King Michael's Private residence in Switzerland 
    • (Will happen every night until Dec 10th)
Dec 6th 
  • Book of Condolence is available for the public to sign at Pelesh Castle, the Royal Palace of Budapest, and Elisabeta Palace until January 15th
  • 40 Days of Heavy Mourning Begins
  • 3 Months of Mourning Begins
Wednesday, Dec 13th
  • King Michael in Coffin will arrive in Romania, being flown in from Switzerland. 
  • King Michael will Lie in State in the Hall of Honors at Pelesh Castle
    • Members of the Romanian Government, Official Romania, Diplomatic Corps, Romanian Church, etc will pay their respects. 
Dec 13th-15th 
  • King Michael will Lie in State in the Royal Throne Room at the Royal Palace of Bucharest
    • Members of the public will be able to pay their respects. 
Saturday, Dec 16th (All Times: Romania/London)
  • 10:30 AM / 8:30 AM
    • Short religious service will be held in the Throne Hall of the Royal Palace 
  • 10:55 AM / 8:55 AM
    • Military and religious ceremony will be held in Royal Palace Square, in front of the Palace 
  • 11:25 AM to 12:15 / 9:25 AM to 10:15 AM
    • Funeral Procession: Royal Palace Square – Calea Victoriei – Unirii Square –Patriarchal Cathedral.
  • 12:30 to 2:00 PM / 10:30 AM - 12:00
    • Funeral Mass at Patriarchal Cathedral in Bucharest
  • 2:00 to ? / 12:00 - ?
    • Funeral Procession throughout the capital: Unirii Square – University Square – Romana Square – Charles de Gaulle Square – The Triumphant Arch – Kiseleff Av. – Bucureşti – Ploieşti Av. -  Băneasa Royal Railway Station
  • / ?
    • Train Ride from Băneasa Royal Railway Station in Bucharest to Curtea de Argeş Railway Station
    • Romanian Royal Family will join the Train Ride
  • / ?
    • Arrive at Curtea de Argeş Railway Station. Funeral Procession to New Royal and Episcopal Cathedral
  • / ?
    • Burial service at the New Royal and Episcopal Cathedral in Curtea de Argeș. 
      • Attended by just Romanian Royal Family and Foreign Royals

Monday, 4 December 2017

Queen + Philip's Anniversary & Princess Sophie Birthday Reply (2017)

Two replies came today, both for milestone events. 

Queen & Prince Philip 

The 1st reply is from the Queen & Prince Philip. I had written to them last month for their 70th Wedding Anniversary. 

Nothing special about the envelope, it is the usual from the British Royals. But inside is a very special tri-fold card. (The Queen's 90th Birthday card was similar, but had two panels instead of three.)

The front of the card features the Queen's Cypher, the distinctive EIIR. It stands for the Latin  Elizabeth II Regina (Queen Elizabeth II). The front also features their years of marriage and a joint monogram. We don't often see joint monograms from the British Royals, so this is a real treat. (The Queen and Philip also have a joint monogram with their letters intertwined.)

The inside features two photos and a message from Queen on behalf of Prince Philip. (You will notice the Queen refers to him as Prince Philip, not his title Duke of Edinburgh.) 

The photo on the left is from their wedding in 1947. Per royal tradition, it was taken in the throne room at Buckingham Palace.  

The photo on the right was taken by Julian Calder at Buckingham Palace in Early 2011The photo is part of a special set of official photographs by Royal Images, the official library of official photos of the Queen & Duke of Duke of Edinburgh. 

The organization manages the set of official photos that are available for Royal's charities, government organizations, etc to use for official things.

I would have loved to see them use one of the official photographs released for their anniversary in the card. But those were taken in early November, and there likely wasn't enough time. 

Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein 

I had written in October for Hereditary Princess Sophie's 50th birthday. Hereditary Prince/ss means the same thing as Crown Prince/ss; different countries use the different titles. Some countries use a special title for the heir instead (e.g. Prince of Wales, Princess of Asturias, etc.).

The envelope has a simple front, with a postmark and actual stamps. 

This letter marks the 1 year anniversary of me writing to the Liechtenstein Royals. This is my 5th reply from them. All the previous replies featured the same Butterfly stamp from 2009.

Butterfly Stamp from previous replies
So, it is really great to see a new 2017 stamp being used & it's even more wonderful that it is Winter Themed. The stamp is called "Winterwald/Winter Forest" and was released on November 13th as part of their 2017 Christmas collection.

On the back of the envelope is the royal's address.

The card is their standard pre-made thank you card, with "Many thanks for your kind wishes" pre-printed on it. They then added the mention of her birthday, before Princess Sophie signed it.

I really like how they have this basic card they can use for anything, that they were then able to personalize for the event. I really love the rough edges and the embossed coat of arms. (You see a lot of embossed coat of arms on royal mail, but Liechtenstein has the nicest. The paper is really nice and thick, so the coat of armed is raised quite a bit.)

Princess Sophie signed her name, "Sophie Liechtenstein."

This is the same reply I got last year, except last year's had "Dear Miss Daly," handwritten as well.

It is a very lovely reply, made extra special by the signature. I would have loved a mention that it was her 50th Birthday. I think it is important to denote the milestones. 


Tuesday is our recommended Send By Date for Christmas Cards/Letters to the Royals. If you haven't gotten yours out yet, don't worry. It's not a big deal. It just means your card/letter may not arrive by Christmas. (Depending on your Country, some of you living closer to the Royals, have some extra time to send out your cards.) But I would get them ours as soon as possible. 

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Possible Dukedoms for Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

This list includes previous Royal Dukedoms, Non-royal dukedoms, things people suggested, etc. The Dukedoms in each section are alphabetized. This isn't a complete list of options, but I think it has all the likely titles. If you have anything you want to suggest, see a mistake, want to voice your preference, etc. leave a comment below.

Of the "Possible Titles," the two sections are both pretty equal in terms of likelihood. I just wanted to give a little commentary about my thoughts and preference. Harry & Meghan's title could very likely be from the list of "Possible Titles -  I don't like."

In addition to a Dukedom, Prince Harry will likely be made an Earl and Baron. This list just covers possible dukedoms.

Dukedoms that would be created for the 1st time are marked with a *

Possible Titles - I don't have a problem with
  • Duke of Kendal
  • Duke of Leeds
  • Duke of Newcastle
  • Duke of Ross
  • Create a new Dukedom*
  • Elevate an open Earldom*
Possible Titles - I don't like
  • Duke of Buckingham
    • Easily confused with Buckingham Palace, which is both the name of a Royal Residence and Queen's Household
  • Duke of Clarence/ Duke of Clarence and St Andrews/ Duke of Clarence and Avondale
    • Easily confused with Clarence House, which is both the name of a Royal Residence and Charles & Camilla's office.
    • The Dukedom of Albany has a subsidiary title, Earl of Clarence. But there is no current holder of that title because the title Duke of Albany was suspended when the family sided with Germany in WWI.
  • Duke of Cleveland
    • There is a famous USA city called Cleveland, in Ohio. As well as less famous Clevelands in 21 other USA States. 
    • I don't think a title with a strong association to the USA would be good.
  • Duke of London*
    • Never created, it was proposed for Winston Churchill
  • Duke of Montagu
    • Spain has it's own Duke of Montagu
    • Too similar to the Montague family in Romeo and Juliet, who were Italian
  • Duke of Sussex
    • A press favorite, but too similar to Wessex, easily confused
  • Duke of Windsor
    • Was created for King Edward VIII (Queen's Uncle), after he abdicated
    • The Royal Family is already called Windsor
Not Possible/ Not likely
  • Duke of Albany
    • Suspended during WWI, when the family sided with Germany but could be reclaimed by the descendants 
  • Duke of Albemarle/ Aumale
    • Named after an area of Normandy, France, which was once controlled by the British
    • There is already an Earl of Albemarle
  • Duke of Connaught/ Duke of Connaught and Strathearn
    • Connaught is part of the Republic of Ireland 
    • Prince William is the Earl of Strathearn
  • Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdal
    • Suspended during WWI, when the family sided with Germany but could be reclaimed by the descendants 
  • Duke of Exeter
    • There is already an Earl of Exeter
  • Duke of Hereford
    • There is already an Earl of Hereford
  • Duke of Inverness
    • Prince Andrew is the Earl of Inverness
  • Duke of Ireland
    • This title is from a time when Ireland was under English rule, before the Kingdom of Ireland, and before the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland split.
  • Duke of Kensington*
    • Never created. There is a Baron of Kensington.
    • Easily confused with Kensington Palace, which is the name of a Royal Residence (Cambs, Harry, Queen's cousins, etc), Cambs+Harry+Meghan's office, a Royal Museum, etc.
      • Plus Harry & Meghan may not always live or have their office at Kensington Palace 
  • Duke of Kintyre and Lorne
    • There is already a Marquess of Kintyre and Lorne
  • Duke of Lancaster
    • Informally used by the Queen, who owns the Duchy of Lancaster
  • Duke of Mountbatten*
    • Mountbatten was Prince Philip's family name from his mother's side. The name is the English translation of Battenburg in Germany. 
    • There is already an Earl Mountbatten of Burma (extended family on Prince Philip's side)
  • Duke of Normandy
    • Britain gave up its claim to Normandy, but the title is still informally used on the British Channel Islands, which were formerly apart of the Duchy of Normandy
  • Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha*
    • Never a British title, although the British Royal Family is related to the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
    • Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was a Dutchy in Germany
  • Duke of St. Andrew*
    •  The Duke of Kent is the Earl of St. Andrews 
    • *Never a solo Dukedom, previously Duke of Clarence and St Andrews
  • Duke of Strathearn*
    • Prince William is the Earl of Strathearn
    • *Never a solo Dukedom, previously: 
      • Duke of Cumberland and Strathearn
      • Duke of Kent and Strathearn
      • Duke of Connaught and Strathearn
  • Duke of Surrey
    • There is already an Earl of Surrey
Dukedoms Currently Taken
  • Duke of Abercorn
  • Duke of Atholl
  • Duke of Beaufort
  • Duke of Bedford
  • Duke of Brandon
  • Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry
  • Duke of Cambridge
  • Duke of Cornwall
    • Title belongs to the heir to the throne
  • Duke of Devonshire
  • Duke of Edinburgh
    • Is expected to be passed down to Prince Edward upon Prince Philip's passing
  • Duke of Fife
  • Duke of Gloucester
  • Duke of Grafton
  • Duke of Hamilton
  • Duke of Kent
  • Duke of Leinster
  • Duke of Lennox
  • Duke of Manchester
  • Duke of Marlborough
  • Duke of Montrose
  • Duke of Norfolk
  • Duke of Northumberland
  • Duke of Richmond
  • Duke of Rothesay 
    • Title belongs to the heir to the throne
  • Duke of Roxburghe
  • Duke of Rutland
  • Duke of Somerset
  • Duke of St Albans
  • Duke of Sutherland
  • Duke of Wellington
  • Duke of Westminster
  • Duke of York
    • The title is reserved to the 2nd son of the Monarch. (Although could be given to 2nd child in the future, because of the succession change, if they start giving women Dukedoms.)
    • Only one Duke of York allowed at a time and the title doesn't go away when the monarchy passes and you are no longer the 2nd son. It is not automatic, so even if Andrew passed away during Charles's reign, the title would likey be kept for William's kids.  
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Prince Charles & Princess Elisabeth of Belgium's Birthday reply (2017)

Two lovely replies came today!

Prince Charles

The first reply is from Prince Charles for the letter I sent for his Birthday earlier this month. The reply is the usual we see from Clarence House, postcard-sized photo, with typed message on back

The photo was taken by Mario Testino at Clarence House earlier this year. Mario has photographed practically everyone in the royal family, as well as numerous foreign royals. He took William & Kate's official engagements photos and Princess Charlotte's christening photos.

Clarence House had previously released a photo from this session for Duchess Camilla's 70th Birthday.
The message on the back is similar to past year, but they've changed up the wording.

With the card came a letter from Claudia Spens, Head of the Correspondence Section at Clarence House.

Princess Elisabeth of Belgium

The second reply is from Belgium. I had written to Princess Elisabeth for her 16th birthday earlier this month. I don't usually write for children's birthdays (except if they are one of my favorite like Prince George or Princess Charlotte). But this was sort of a milestone birthday, being her Sweet 16, and I was getting all emotional thinking about how she's almost an adult. It is hard to believe in 2 short years she will be 18 years old.

The reply is the typical thing you see from the Belgium Royals, a pre-made card and photo (although, they don't always send a photo). 

The message is in French. Translated the message reads:

"Royal Palace of Brussels

The wishes that you were kind enough to send to Her Royal Highness Princess Elisabeth on the occasion of her 16th birthday, have given her great pleasure.

Their Majesties the King and the Queen thank you with all their heart for this beautiful gesture."

The photo is part of a set released for Princess Elisabeth's birthday. No details on the photo. But given the green glass door and plants, I assume this was taken at the Royal Greenhouses in Laeken.

The Royal Greenhouses in Laeken, is a favorite location for the Belgium Royal Family. The Greenhouses are located in the Royal Park at the Castle of Laeken, which is the Royal Family's home. (The Royal Palace of Brussels is just a working palace.) 

And of course, this photo is reminiscent of 16 years ago, when her parents announced they were expecting their 1st child. 

Embed from Getty Images

Just a reminder: One Week!! till our recommended send by date for your Christmas letters and cards to the Royals!

Also, you may have noticed a little change to our blog this week! We've added Meghan! Our Prince Harry tab has been expanded to include Meghan. It is now Harry & Meghan! (After the wedding it will switch to The (title)s). We have listed there Meghan's official engagements for 2017 & 2018 and will have her patronages when she gets some. 

As we're updating everything over the next few months, if you see something Meghan should be added to, just let us know. 

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Monday, 27 November 2017

Meghan's 2017 "Official" Engagements

Embed from Getty Images

Meghan's current count is 5 engagements for 2017. 

May (2)
Saturday 6th 
  • Attend Audi Polo Challenge Match, in support of Sentebale and WellChild 
Sunday 7th 
  • Attend Audi Polo Challenge Match, in support of the Royal Marsden and Tusk Trust
September (3)
Saturday 23rd
  • Attend Invictus Games Toronto 2017 Opening Ceremony
Monday 25th 
  • Attend Invictus Games Toronto 2017 
Sunday 30th 
  • Attend Invictus Games Toronto 2017 Closing Ceremony
November (0)

(Monday 27th: Announce engagement, Photocall, Interview)

Upcoming Engagements
Friday 1st
  • Civic welcome at National Justice Museum
    • Walkabout
  • Visit Nottingham Contemporary which will be hosting a Terrence Higgins Trust World AIDS Day charity fair.
  • Visit Nottingham Academy where they will meet head teachers from the Academy and local primary schools as well Full Effect staff and mentors. (Royal Foundation)

Meghan's 2018 Official Engagements

Embed from Getty Images

Meghan's current count is 0 engagements for 2018. 

(Unconfirmed) - Not officially confirmed/ announced, yet, but expected
(Possible) -  Not confirmed or 100% expected, but possible due to past appearances or reports of their attendance



Monday 21st - (Possible) 
  • RHS Chelsea Flower Show
    • With Royal Family


??  - (Possible)
  • Attend Queen's Garden Party at Buckingham Palace
(Wedding at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle!!!!!)
Saturday 9th  - (Possible)
  • Trooping the Colours - Queen's Official Birthday 
    • The 1st. Battalion Irish Guards will be trooping
19th-23rd - (Possible)
  • Attend Royal Ascot

    (4th: 37th Birthday)


    20-27th (Unconfirmed)  

    Sunday 11th (Unconfirmed)  
    • Remembrance Sunday at Cenotaph in Whitehall, London 

    2018 Royal Wedding Q&A

    This Special Q&A is to answer all your questions about Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's engagement & Wedding. The Q&A will close after the couple's honeymoon. We will be updating the questions as more information is released.

    For your non-Royal Wedding questions, check out this month's Q&A

    Question 1: Do you think Prince Philip will attend the wedding with the Queen, or will he not because he's retired. 

    Answer: I'm certain Prince Philip will be there. The only reason he would miss it is if he was in poor health. Being retired and not doing official duties anymore has nothing to do with attending your grandsons wedding. 

    Send Your Congratulations to Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

    Embed from Getty Images

    If you would like to congratulate Prince Harry & Meghan Markle on their engagement you can write to them at:

    HRH Prince Harry & Ms. Meghan Markle
    Clarence House 
    London SW1A 1BA

    Why Clarence House, not Kensington Palace?

    For more info on Writing to the Royals check out our helpful guide. It has everything you need to know. 

    I expect they would reply with their usual postcard sized photo with typed message on the back. Expect longer response times, as they will be getting a lot more mail than usual!

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    Wednesday, 15 November 2017

    Prince William's Tour of Finland (2017)

    Embed from Getty Images

    Prince William will go on a solo tour of Finland, November 29th-30th.

    Wednesday, November 29th 
    • (Arrive in Finland)
    • Meet with President Sauli Niinistö at the Presidential Palace
    • Visit an ice rink in Helsinki and learn about Icehearts, a team sports program for children who require long-term and professional support in their development.
    • Attend a reception hosted by Sarah Price, British Ambassador to Finland.
    • Attend banquet held by President Niinistö and the First Lady at their official residence in Mäntyniemi.
    Thursday, November 30th 
    • Visit the Slush startup and technology event and meet with Finnish and British companies
    • Visit a primary school in Helsinki to learn about their innovative learning environments and methods and the KiVa Koulu anti-bullying programme
    • Visit Helsinki Christmas Market in Esplanadi Park
    • Visit City Hall for a luncheon offered by the City of Helsinki
    • Presentation of the Finnish Air Force at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
    • (Depart for UK)

    Monday, 6 November 2017

    Prince Guillaume and Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg - 5th Wedding Anniversary Reply (2017)

    A lovely reply from Luxembourg arrived over the weekend!

    I had written to Prince Guillaume and Princess Stéphanie, the Hereditary Grand Duke & Grand Duchess, last month for their 5th wedding anniversary. This reply came just under a month.

    The envelope is the usual we see from Luxembourg. It is interesting to see the address placed so far over to the right.

    More than half of my envelopes from Luxembourg have used this same car stamp from 2009. I assume they just have a huge stock of them. It is a shame, being one of the few royal families to use real stamps, that they don't show off more recent ones.

    The postmark is for "Journee Mondiale du Diabète/World Diabetes Day" on November 14th.  The postmark runs from October 25th - November 20th this year. This same postmark has been used in past years to mark World Diabetes Day.

    The back of the envelope features the blue Luxembourg Crown.

    This reply is formatted a little different from the others I have received. The Luxembourg Royals don't have a consistent layout they use. The placement of the crown and the date changes. The color, font, size, alignment, and style of the message also changes.

    (Retired Grand Duke Jean's replies are more consistent, but his mail is handled by a different office.)

    It looks like the message got a bit mixed up in translation. They made a few mistakes:
    • "Their Royal Highness" should be plural, "Their Royal Highnesses"
    • It should be "wedding anniversary," not "wedding birthday"
      • In French, the word for birthday and anniversary is the same, "Anniversaire." So, an understandable translation error. 
    • There shouldn't be an "s" on "sincerely thanks you" 
    I would think part of this mistake come from not having a standard layout of the message. It seems like whoever made this reply was a little rushed. 

    If we look back at Henri & Maria Teresa's 35th Wedding Anniversary Reply from last year, you will see they didn't make the same mistakes. (The "s" on "thanks" is appropriate in this sentence.)

    If you haven't already, check out our guide for Christmas 2017! I will probably start sending out my Christmas letters late next week. We recommend people have their Christmas letters and cards mailed out by December 5th. 

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    Thursday, 2 November 2017

    Duchess Sarah - Birthday Reply (2017)

    A reply from the UK came today! I had written to Sarah, Duchess of York last month for her 58th Birthday.

    The reply is the usual you see from her. The back of the envelope features Sarah's green Monogram.

    Inside is a simple letter, thanking me for remembering the Duchess's Birthday.

    The letter is signed by someone. Like usual no printed name or position. But the signature does look similar to the letters I've received from Sarah's office in the past, so likely the same person.

    This reply had about the same response time as other years for Sarah's birthday.

    Sarah has changed up the quote at the bottom of her letter. This year, she features J. M. Barrie, a Scottish Author, best known for his Peter Pan novels.

    The quote reads: "Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves." - James M. Barrie (1860-1937)

    There is quite a bit of Royal - Peter Pan connections:
    • The Royal Family actually knew the author, James M. Barrie. He used to tell stories to the Queen & Princess Margret when they were young girls. 
    • Barrie donated the copyrights for Peter Pan to the Great Ormond St Hospital. So, the royalties from the works and adaptions go to the hospital. There have been a number of royals connected to the Great Ormond St Hospital.
      • Queen Victoria was Patron (1852-?)
      • Princess Mary, the Princess Royal was Vice Patron and President (?-?)
      • Princess Diana was President (1989-1997)
      • Queen is Patron (1965- Present)
    • One of Barrie's novels is called Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. And today there is a statue of Peter Pan in the public part of Kensington Palace Garden. (See map below)
    • Duchess Sarah gave a commentary on The Legacy of Pan for a featurette for the DVD of Universal's 2003 live-action Peter Pan.
      • The film was dedicated to Dodi Fayed, Princess Diana boyfriend. His father helped financed the movie.

    Our guide for Christmas 2017 is now up!

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    Wednesday, 1 November 2017

    Christmas 2017 - Main Page

    Embed from Getty Images
    Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year! And of course, it is a very exciting time for Royal Watchers. There is plenty going on with Speeches, Concerts, Holiday Events, Christmas Cards, Official Photos, etc. 

    2017 Official Christmas Photo
    • -
    2017 Christmas Replies
    • None yet, obviously! 
      2017 Christmas/New Years Speeches
      Most of European Monarchs give a speech sometime during the holiday season. We will link them here when they get posted, with English Translations, if they are not in English or subtitled. 

      (All times are Local/London. Times in Blue are speculations, based on last year

        Christmas Eve Speeches
        • King Philippe of Belgium (Pre-recorded 1PM/ Noon) 
        • Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg  (7 PM/6 PM)
        • King Felipe VI of Spain (Live? 10 PM/ 9 PM) Recap of Year starts 40 minutes earlier
        Christmas Day Speeches 
        • King Willem-Alexander of Netherlands (Pre-recorded 1 PM/ Noon)
        • Queen Elizabeth II of United Kingdom (Pre-recorded 3 PM)
        • King Carl Gustaf of Sweden (Pre-recorded 7:45 PM/ 6:45 PM)
        New Years Eve Speeches
        • Queen Margrethe of Denmark (Live 6 PM/5 PM)
        • King Harald of Norway  (Pre-recorded 7:30 PM/ 6:30 PM)
        • Prince Albert of Monaco (?)