Friday, 22 January 2016

Belgium Christmas Card

One thing I have noticed over my experience writing to the Royals is that each country has a very distinctive postmark. Without even reading the country name, I know immediately this envelope was from Belgium.

This postmark is quite simple, but you will notice that the postoffice put it on the bottom of the envelope, instead of the top. This is so that the Postmark doesn't overlap with the Monogram.

My thoughts are that is more about making sure the computers at the post office can read the postmark and properly sort the letter, than preserving the monogram.

Another interesting thing is of course the Monogram. You have Queen Mathilde's M, interlocked with a F & P for King Philippe. The F & P stand for the different spellings of King Philippe's name in the 3 official languages of Belgium.
  • French: Philippe
  • Dutch: Filip
  • German: Philipp(e)
Inside the envelope is the Royal Family's Christmas Card. The front of the card is simple, it has a red border with the couple's Joint Monogram. Inside the Card, is a message with a family picture.

The Message is written in the 3 official languages of Belgium as well as English: "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year." The King and Queen's signatures are printed onto the card, with their 4 children's names typed below (in order of age).  

I'm not entirely sure when the photo was taken. But photo released for Princess Elisabeth's birthday in November looks like it comes from the same shoot.


This was the 2nd time I had written to King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, the first being after the death of Queen Fabiola in 2014.

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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Olympics 2016 - Main Page

We are focusing on the 11 Royal Countries we normally cover: Belgium, Denmark, Great Britain, Jordan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden.

Lillehammer Youth Olympics (February 12th - 21st)
Rio Olympics (August 5th - 21st)
Event Schedule
Rio Paralympics (September 7th - 18th)

Royals attending 2016 Youth Olympics

This years Winter Youth Olympics takes place in Lillehammer, Norway, 12th - 21st February.
For 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, check here.  

Although there are athletes from every Royal country in Europe, and many royals sit on IOC, I don't expect we will see many royals attend the Youth Olympic games.

Attendance has been confirmed for:
  • Norway
  • Denmark 
  • Monaco

Thursday 11th  - Welcome Ceremony 
  • Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit  
    •  Welcome Ceremony
  • Queen Sonja and Crown Princess Mette-Marit  
    •  Open Norwegian Olympic Museum
Friday 12th  - Opening Ceremony/ Official Reception  
  • King Harald, Queen Sonja 
    • Opening Ceremony
      • Harald gave short speech officially opening the games
    • Official Reception
      • Harald was award Medal of Distinction for President of IOC
  • Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, Prince Sverre Magnus
    • Attended 1st olympic event, Curling
      • Haakon delivered the 1st Curling stone. 
    • Opening Ceremony 
      • Princess Ingrid light the Olympic flame
    • Official Reception
  • Crown Prince Frederik 
    • Opening Ceremony
    • Visits to the Danish athletes in the Olympic village
Saturday 13th
  • Crown Prince Haakon,  Crown Princess Mette-Marit, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, Prince Sverre Magnus
    • Attend Ski Lessons for Unaccompanied minors refugees. 
  • Prince Albert 
    •  Men's Super G Ski Race
Sunday 14th
  • Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit
    • Attend Speed Skating
Monday 15th
  • Crown Prince Haakon 
    • Meet Volunteers
Tuesday 16th
  • Crown Prince Haakon 
    • Luge
 Wednesday 17th
  • (No Royal attendance)
Thursday 18th 
  • (No Royal attendance)
Friday 19th
  • Crown Prince Haakon 
Saturday 20th 
  • Crown Prince Haakon 
    • Meet Volunteers
    • Ski
Sunday 21st Closing Ceremony 
  • Crown Prince Haakon 

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Prince Harry Christmas Card

It's been a exciting week, with Christmas replies arriving every day. Today came Prince Harry's Christmas Card!

The photo is the same as his Birthday Card, a pic of him during Walk of Britain, with Walking With the Wounded. (He did this with his previous Christmas & Birthday reply in 2014 as well, using a pic from Invictus Games for both).

Another interesting note, is Harry's Christmas and Birthday replies both this year and last year featured pictures by Chris Jackson.

The message on the card is the same as last years. Which is fine, I do like how the wording is slightly different than the Cambridges and Charles and Camilla's reply.

Weird, that once again we aren't seeing the pic that Kensington Palace released for Christmas. Which was a black and white version of the picture below. I understand they are using them for their Private Christmas cards, but it seem odd to me that they would release the pictures to the public, but not use them. Normally, There is a issue of not having the photo released yet, when they are printing the replies, but the picture below was released back in September.

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Charles and Camilla Christmas Thank You

Today came Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla's Christmas reply. It looks a lot like the standard Cambridge/Harry reply; postcard sized picture with typed message on the back. This is the 2nd time, I've gotten this type of reply from them. The first being Prince Charles's Birthday this past year.

For Prince Charles's previous birthday and Christmas I received letters. However, I have seen photo reply like this that other people have received from them in the past, so this isn't a big change.

The photo is of Charles and Camilla at the service to mark the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, at St Paul's Cathedral on June 18, 2015. A little interesting they didn't choose to use the photo they had released for Christmas. It could be that photo was just for their private christmas cards. And they wanted their public christmas card to feature some of the work that they have done this year.

Interestingly Prince Charles Birthday reply this year, also featured him in uniform.

The message on the card, is slightly different and longer than the Cambridges, but says basically the same thing.

I want to apologize for the not so great quality of the front of the card. I think it is partly the printing of the card, and photoshopping. The printing caused it to be a little pixelated as well as have a stray line by Camilla's armrest and pillow behind her. They also blurred the background of the picture slightly, which gives everything sharpened a weird edge.

We are still waiting for a few more Christmas replies, we will post them when they arrive.  If you haven't seen it yet, we got the Cambridges Christmas reply Monday.

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Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence's 2016 Engagements

Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence is Princess Anne's Husband. Although he doesn't have this own official engagements, he very often accompanies Princess Anne. A lot of what he does is over looked, which I why I've decided to start keeping track of the engagements he accompanies Anne on, in 2016. 

Timothy has so far accompanied Princess Anne on 54 engagements in 2016. 

(Unconfirmed) - Not officially Confirmed/ Announced, Yet, but Expected
(Possible) -  Not Confirmed or 100% Expected, but Possible due to past appearances or reports of their attendance

All engagements are with Princess Anne, unless otherwise noted. It is not always announced ahead of time which engagements Timothy will be joining Princess Anne on. 

(Past Months listed at bottom of the page)

Sunday 5th - Kirkwall Scotland

  • Attended a Service in St. Magnus Cathedral to mark the Centenary of the sinking of HMS HAMPSHIRE
  • Visited Orkney Museum at Tankerness House
    •  Viewed the First World War Naval exhibition 
  • Attended a Reception for HMS HAMPSHIRE descendants
    • Unveiled a Book of Names at Birsay Community Hall 

Tuesday 7th 

  • Attended a Younger Brethren's Dinner at Trinity House

Wednesday 8th 

  • Attended the Trinitytide Anniversary Annual Court Meeting, Church Service and Luncheon at Trinity House

Thursday 9th 

  • Attended the Founder's Day Parade at the Royal Hospital Chelsea
    • Opened the renovated Long Wards 

Friday 10th
  • Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral
    • For Queen's 90th Birthday
    • Attended a Reception at Guildhall
Sunday 12th 
  • Patron's Lunch on The Mall in St James’s Park
Upcoming Engagements:


    5th-21st   (Unconfirmed)    
    • Rio Olympics   


    Saturday  12th - (Unconfirmed) 
    • Festival of Remembrance 
    Sunday  13th - (Unconfirmed) 
    • Remembrance Sunday at Cenotaph in Whitehall, London.

    ****Past Engagments****
    January (30)
    Tour of Falkland Islands and South Georgia (12th - 22nd)
    Tuesday 12th-  Stanley, Falkland Islands
    • Viewed the 1914 Centenary Memorial Wall.
    • Visited the Falkland Island Museum and National Trust, Historic Dockyard.
    • Laid a wreath at the 1982 Liberation Monument.
    • Visited the Day Centre at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.
    • Opened the Commonwealth Walkway at Christchurch Cathedral.
    • Attended a Reception given by the Falkland Islands Legislative Assembly at the Malvina House Hotel.
    • Visited the Department of Agriculture, Bypass Road.
    • Visited the Lighthouse Seamen's Centre, FIPASS Road. (Mission to Seafarers Limited)
    Wednesday 13th
    • Attended a series of lectures whilst at sea en route to South Georgia
    Thursday 14th

    •  Attended a series of lectures whilst at sea en route to South Georgia
    Friday 15th

    •  Attended a series of lectures whilst at sea en route to South Georgia
    Saturday 16th - King Edward Point, South Georgia

    •  Toured the British Antarctic Survey Research Station
    •  Visited the Shackleton Memorial at Hope Point
    • Attended a Reception with South Georgia Government Officers and British Antarctic Survey Research Staff at Everson House
    • Viewed the British Antarctic Survey Research Station at Grytviken before visiting the Grytviken Museum.
    • Viewed the Shackleton Photography Exhibition and opened the renovated Post Office at Grytviken.
    • Attended a Reception given by the Government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands at Everson House.
    • Attended a Dinner at Carse House.
    Sunday 17th -  South Georgia
    • Toured Gold Harbour.
    • Viewed indigenous wildlife in Larsen Harbour.
    • Attended a presentation on the South Georgia Heritage Trust, whilst at sea off the coast of South Georgia
    Monday 18th -  South Georgia
    • Toured King Haakon Bay
    • Attended a series of lectures whilst at sea en route to the Falkland Islands
    Tuesday 19th 
    • Attended a series of lectures whilst at sea en route to the Falkland
    Wednesday 20th 
    • Attended a series of lectures whilst at sea en route to the Falkland
    Thursday 21st - Falkland
    • Attended a series of lectures whilst at sea en route to the Falkland
    • Attended reception for local residents at the Southern Cross Social Club
    • Met Service personnel at Royal Air Force Mount Pleasant
    • Attended a Dinner given by the Commander British Forces at Mount Pleasant House 
    Friday 22nd - Falkland
    • Viewed marine turtle conservation at Long Beach, Georgetown.

    February (2)

    Saturday 6th
    • Attended the International Rugby Match between Scotland and England at Murrayfield 
    Saturday 13th
    • Attended the International Rugby Match between Wales and Scotland at Principality Stadium
    March (4)
    Sunday 13th 
    • Attended the International Rugby Match between Scotland and France at Murrayfield
    Friday 18th 
    • Attended the Cheltenham Festival at Cheltenham Racecourse
    Saturday 19th 
    • Attended the Rugby International Match between Ireland and Scotland at Aviva Stadium
    Tuesday 22nd
    • Attended a Dinner at Claridge's for Carers Trust
    April (1)

    (2nd: Video on centenary of the Battle of Jutland)

    Monday 25th 
    • Attended a dinner, hosted by Anne, for International Olympic Committee Members Election Commission
    May (9)
    Sunday 15th 
    • Attend Pageant to Celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday at Windsor Castle. 
    Friday 20th 
    • Attended a Service of Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey for United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust.
      • Reception at Institution of Mechanical Engineers
    Monday 23rd 
    • Attend Buckingham Palace Garden Party
    • Visited the Chelsea Flower Show at Royal Hospital Chelsea
    Wednesday 25th 
    • Attended Evensong in The Queen's Chapel of the Savoy
      • Atten Reception
    Saturday 28th 
    • Visited Rosyth Parish Church and viewed a Battle of Jutland Exhibition.
    • Laid a wreath at the Cross of Sacrifice and viewed Commonwealth War Graves at South Queensferry Cemetery 
    Tuesday 31st
    • Attended a Service in St. Magnus Cathedral, in Kirkwall, to mark the Centenary of the Battle of Jutland 
    • Attend a Commemorative Event at Lyness Royal Naval Cemetery, in Hoy

    Tuesday, 12 January 2016

    Netherlands Christmas Card

    Today, I received a Christmas Card for the Netherlands!

    I wasn't sure what to expect since I hadn't written to the Dutch Royal Family for Christmas before. Although, I have written to them once before.

    The envelope looks almost exactly like before. Except the price of postage has gone up of few cents.

    The message under the Blue Crown reads "Dienst Van Het Koninklijk Huis" (Bureau of the Royal Household)

    Inside was a card, with a lovely winter scene, and typed message on the inside.

    The Message is in Dutch and reads:

    "His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen thank you, on behalf of the entire royal family, for your heartfelt Christmas greeting. 

    They wish you all the best for the New Year!

    Noordeinde Palace
    The Hague"

    It is a very lovely message and card. But my favorite part was the back. This card was produced by Belarto in the Netherlands to raise money for UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund). It's really great to see them using their Christmas Card to support such a great cause.

    King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima have been long supporters of UNICEF and the United Nations. Both of them have sat on advisory boards for the United Nations.

    Queen Máxima is currently a United Nations Secretary General’s Special Advocate. She is working with their Inclusive Finance for Development program, which helps and encourages countries to create financial programs, such as saving accounts, insurance, loans.

    This is definitely one of my top Christmas Cards this year.

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    Monday, 11 January 2016

    Cambridge Christmas Reply

    Today, I received a Christmas Reply from the Cambridges. It is their standard reply, a postcard sized picture with typed note on the back. The photo is from Princess Charlotte's Christening July 5th. It is one of two photos that have been released of the whole Cambridge Family. The message on the card is the exact same as the message on their Christmas Card last year, except for the addition of Princess Charlotte's name.

    We saw this same christening photo used for Princess Charlotte's Christening reply. This is not the 1st time they have sent the same photo on two replies. Last year, Harry's Birthday and Christmas reply used the same photo and so did George's 1st birthday and Catherine's announcement of her 2nd pregnancy.

    The Cambridges choose not to use the Christmas picture they released last month, on their reply.  It's likely that the Cambridges hadn't released the photo yet, when they started printing and sending out notes for Christmas. This is very often a problem for them. George's birthday replies both, this year and last year, didn't use the photo they had released for his birthday, rather using an older photo.

    We still have a bunch of Christmas replies we are waiting on, I would expect we will be waiting for replies till the end of this month, or early next month.

    I looked back at my christmas replies from last year, the last one came in March.  It was from Denmark. They have a pretty great response time in getting their replies out, but the Crown Prince Couple usually sends their replies economy which means it taken for ever to arrive. Some times up to 45 days in the mail.

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    Sunday, 10 January 2016

    Dictionary of Royal Terms

    List in Alphabetical order. Some of these terms may have slightly different meanings, when used in non-royal contexts. Feel free to comment with any word you would like to see added.

    Crown Prince/ss - Used to denote the heir apparent to the throne, also used for their wife. Some Monarchies don't use this term, instead they have a specific title that denotes the heir apparent:
    • Duke/Duchess of Cornwall (England and Wales)
    • Duke/Duchess of Rothesay (Scotland)
    • Prince/ss of Asturias (Spain)
    • Prince/ss of Orange (Netherlands)
    • etc.
    Duke of York -  This is a title traditionally, but not automatically, given to the 2nd son of the British Monarch. The title is for life, and there can only be one Duke of York at a time.

    Grand Duchy - A Monarchy ruled over by a Grand Duke/Duchess. Luxembourg is the only remaining Grand Duchy. 

    Heir - The person who is next in line for the position. Usually the eldest son or daughter, but if there are none, the closest eligible relative. 
    • Heir Apparent - The person who is 1st in line to the throne, who could not be displaced by a birth.
      • The eldest child/son of a Monarch. 
    • Heir Presumed -  The person who is 1st in line for the throne, but who could be displaced by a birth.
      • Queen Elizabeth II was never the Heir Apparent, because there was always the chance her father could have had a son, who would become 1st in line to the throne. 
    • Spare - The 2nd child, who would inherit the throne should the 1st child be unable to. 
    Hereditary Prince/ss -  See Crown Prince/ss

    Infante/a - Used in Spain (and other defunct monarchies) to denote a son or daughter of the monarch (or former monarch). The English equivalent would be a Prince/ss. Spain doesn't use the term Prince/ss, in the way other monarchs do They use Princess almost exclusively for the heir apparent, The Prince/ss of Asturias.

    Jubilee - A milestone anniversary in a Monarch's reign. Usually celebrated on these anniversaries:
    • Silver Jubilee - 25th anniversary
    • Ruby Jubilee  - 40th anniversary* 
    • Golden Jubilee - 50th anniversary
    • Diamond Jubilee - 60th anniversary
    • Platinum Jubilee - 70th or 75th anniversary
    *Celebrated in some counties

    Line/ Order of Succession - The order of people in line to the throne.

    British Order of Succession: 
    1. Prince Charles
    2. Prince William
    3. Prince George
    4. Princess Charlotte
    5. Prince Harry
    6. Prince Andrew, etc. 
    Order of Precedence - Commonly called the pecking order. This denotes the seniority of each royal for official events. Unlike the Line of Succession, this includes spouses. This is used to determine: 
    • The order in which royals arrive at an official event, 
    • Order in which they will lay wreaths,
    • Who they must bows/ curtsy to who, 
    • etc.
    Their are separate order of precedences for men, women and for when couples are together. 

    Patronage - A patronage is a charity or orgininzation that a Royal officially supports, and publicly connects themselves with. The royal usually becomes their Patron, but could also become their President, Vice Patron, Ambassador, etc.

    A Patronage is not for life, but a set period of time. Often for 3 years, 5 years, an appeal or special project. After that it may be renewed. What exact title a Royal has in a Patronages is decided by the Charity or Organization.
    • Patron - A patron supports the charity or organization's cause and will visit from time to time to help them celebrate achievements, raise funds, raise public awareness, etc. A patron is a honorary position. They do not have any responsibilities in the day to day running.
      • Royal Patron - means the same thing as Patron. The term Royal Patron is typically used for a Royal when the organization or charity already has patrons. This way they can distinguish the Royal Patron from the other  Patrons.
      • Joint Patron - This is used when there are two or more Royals who share a Patronage (usually couples).
      • Vice Patron - This is used when there are two or more Royals who share a Patronage, but one is more senior. The Senior Royal is the Patron, the Junior one the Vice Patron.
        • E.g. The Queen is Patron of over 600+ organization and charities. Since the Queen is unable to give all of her patronages the attention they need, her children and grandchildren help, often as Vice Patron or President.
        • Besides supporting the Queen's Patronages, and Joint Patronages between couples, charities usually only have one royal supporting them, so that the royal family can support as many causes as possible. 
    • President - This is a less common position for Royals. A President may have more of a hands on role in the charity or organization, but it is quite similar to a Patron. 
    • Ambassador - A smaller role than Patron, usually used to denote a more general level of support in instances where there are numerous ambassadors. 
    Primogeniture - Who has the right to succeed the throne, or inherit.
    • Absolute Primogeniture
      • The eldest child inherits the throne, regardless of gender. 
    • Male-Preferance Primogeniture
      • Sons, and their descendants, rank above daughters,  
        • Meaning a younger son displaces his older sister in the line of succession. 
        • I.e. Crown Prince Jacques of Monaco is 1st in line over his older twin sister Princess Gabriella. Princess Gabriella will be pushed further down the line of succession by younger brothers and any children her brothers may have. 
    • Agnatic Primogeniture - Only males can inherent the throne. Females and their descendants are not included in the line of succession. 
    Prince Consort -  A Queen's husband. The term Prince consort is not always used, sometimes the Queen's husband is just referred to as Prince.

    Prince/ss of Wales -  This is a title traditionally, but not automatically, given to the heir apparent to the British Monarch. The wife of the Prince of Wales traditionally uses her husband's title and is Princess of Wales.

    • This title has never been held by a women in her own right.  Before the change in succession in 2015, a women was never considered the heir apparent, only the heir presumed. 
    • Prince Charles is the current holder of this title. His wife Camilla, is correspondingly Princess of Wales. Camilla uses her lesser title Duchess of Cornwall out of respect for Princess Diana, the previous holder. 

    Princess Royal -  This is a title traditionally, but not automatically, given to the eldest daughter of the British Monarch. The title is for life, and there can only be one Princess Royal at a time. 
    • Queen Elizabeth II never held the title as her aunt, Princess Mary, held the title and was still living.
    • The current title holder is the Queen's only daughter, Princess Anne. 

    Principality - A monarchy that is ruled by a Prince/ss, opposed to a King/Queen.

    Queen Mother/Mum - a former reigning, Queen who is mother of the current monarch, which could be either a King or a Queen.
    • Not always used.
    United Kingdom - The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK or Britain) is a country. The UK is made up of four lesser countries England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. 
    • England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are not independent countries.
      • Although they are often represented individually, for things like sports. 
    • Great Britain
      • Great Britain refers to the Island containing England, Scotland and Wales.
        • Can also contain smaller offshore islands such as England's Isle of Wight, Wales' Anglesey, Scotland's Inner Hebrides, Outer Hebrides, Orkney Islands and Shetland Islands.
      • In some contexts Great Britain refers to the whole United Kingdom. (E.g. the UK's olympic team is called Great Britain)

    Wednesday, 6 January 2016

    Countess Sophie - Official Engagements 2016 (Jan - July)

    Sophie's count is 128 engagements for January - July 2016. 

    **We have decided to stop keeping track of Sophie's engagements for 2016. We will end at the end of July. We are doing this because we are behind on a lot of different things, which we would like to be able to update more regularly, and we feel there isn't a whole lot of interest in this page.**


      (June 30th-July 7th: Missing for Royal.UK's Court Circular, so we are likely missing some engagements for that period)

      Friday 1st 

      • Attend farewell parade for the 5th Battalion The Rifles in Germany

      Monday 4th 

      Wednesday 6th 

      Thursday 7th 
      Wednesday 13th 
      • Attended a ceremony for the presentation of the Firmin Sword of Peace at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
      • Attended the Third Summer Concert at Kneller Hall
      Friday 15th 
      • Attended a performance by Windsor and Eton Opera of "Carmen" by Georges Bizet at the Farrer Theatre

      Upcoming Engagements:

      25th - 27th 
      • Attend New Forest Agricultural Show


      Autumn (Unconfirmed) 


      Saturday  12th - (Unconfirmed) 
      • Festival of Remembrance 
      Sunday  13th - (Unconfirmed) 
      • Remembrance Sunday at Cenotaph in Whitehall, London.



      Past Months:
      January (11)
      Tuesday 12th
      • Received General Sir Nicholas Carter, head of the British Army.  
        • With Edward
      Wednesday 13th
      • Attend Lunch for the Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers at Wax Chandlers's Hall in London
      Tuesday 19th 
      Wednesday 20th 
      • Attended the Memorial Service for the Lord Montagu of Beaulieu at Westminster Abbey 
      Friday 22nd
        Tuesday 26th
          Wednesday 27th
          • Attend Service of Thanksgiving for Mr Sebastian de Ferranti which at Church of the Immaculate Conception in London
          Thursday 28th
          February (17)
          Tuesday 2nd
          Wednesday 3rd 
          • Attend the Ski Championships in Meribel, France for patronage Combined Services Winter Sports Association.
          • Attended Combined Services Winter Sports Association Tenth Anniversary Celebration.
          • Attended a Dinner at l'Orée du Bois Hotel, in Meribel.
          Thursday 4th
          • Attend the Ski Championships in Meribel, France for patronage Combined Services Winter Sports Association.
          • Attended the President's Lunch at the Coeur du Cristal Restaurant.
          • Attended a Dinner at l'Orée du Bois Hotel, in Meribel.
          Tuesday 9th 
          Wednesday 10th

          Tuesday 23rd 
          Wednesday 24th 
          Thursday 25th 
          • Attend the AGM and Board Meeting at Combermere Abbey,  in Whitchurch for Cheshire Agricultural Society
          Monday 29th 
          March (25)

          Wednesday 2nd 
          Thursday 3rd - Bahamas 
          • Meet the Governor General of the Bahamas at Government House (Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award)
            • Attended lunch
          • Visit Garvin Tynes Primary School Centre for Austism
          • Attended a Ground Breaking Ceremony for the Hearing Centre of the Bahamas.
          • Attend a Governor- General's Youth Award Reception and Dinner at Queen's College (Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award)
          • Attended dinner at the Royal Nassau Sailing Club
          Friday 4th - Bahama
          Saturday 5th - Palm Beach, USA
          Sunday 6th - Cayman Islands
          • Visit the Little Cayman Research Centre
          • Attended Dinner at the Southern Cross Club
          Monday 7th - Cayman Islands
          Monday 14th 
          • Visit Bearwood Primary School in Wokingham.
          Tuesday 15th 
          Thursday 17th 
          Monday 21st 
          • Held a meeting for Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps (Colonel-in-Chief)
          Tuesday 22nd
          Wednesday 23rd
          (Sunday 27th: "Our Queen at 90" Documentary airs)

          April (18)
          Monday 11th 
          • Attended Dinner Party hosted by the Queen at Windsor Castle
            • With Philip, Andrew and Edward
          Wednesday 13th 
          Thursday 14th 
          • Visit Bristol, Clifton and West of England Zoological Society Limited 
            • With Edward (Patron), Louise and James
          • Visit Wild Place Project to open The Mahali Pori Exhibit 
            • With Edward, Louise and James
          Saturday 16th 
          • Opens new Girlguiding Head Office at 17-19 Buckingham Palace Road in London
            • With Louise
          Tuesday 19th 
          • Visit the Chorister School in Durham,
          Wednesday 20th - Northumberland
          •  Open new Play Area at Gordon Villas
          •  Attend a Tea Party to celebrate Her Majesty The Queen's 90th Birthday at Isabella Community Centre
          • Visit the Coquet Shorebase Trust 
          • Visit the Amble Harbour Village
          • Visit the Blyth Tall Ship project
          • Visit the 'Big Story' Exhibition at Hexham Abbey
          • Visit the Pride of Northumbria Shop
          Monday 25th
          Wednesday 27th
          • Visit the Lighthouse Specialist Centre for Deaf Children at Guildford Grove Primary School
          • Visit the Park School in Woking
          Thursday 28th
          May (22)
          Wednesday 4th 
          • Held a Meeting at Buckingham Palace
          • Chair a Charities Forum at Buckingham Palace
          Thursday 5th 
          • Attend the RAF Wittering 100th Anniversary Dinner at  RAF Wittering (Honorary Air Commodore)
          Monday 9th
          Tuesday 10th
          Wednesday 11th 
          Thursday 12th 
          • Attends a Church Service at Ascot Priory Church for International Nurse Day
            • Reception afterwards
          Friday  13th
          • Attend Pageant to Celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday at Windsor Castle. 
          Sunday 15th 
          • Attend Pageant to Celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday at Windsor Castle. 
          Monday 16th 

          • Attended Reception at Buckingham Palace for young people who have achieved the The Duke of Edinburgh's Award's Gold Standard to mark the Award's Diamond Anniversary

          Tuesday 17th 
          • Host 60th Anniversary Dinner for National Youth Theatre of Great Britain 
            • With Edward (Patron)
          Thursday 19th 
          • Visit Cogges Manor Farm in Witney
          • Open a Licensed Victuallers School in Oxford
          Friday 20th 
          • Visit New College Worcester
          •  Attend a Garden Party at Hagley Hall to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Midlands Air Ambulance Service
          Monday 23rd 
          • Attend the Mentoring Foundation 2016 Colloquium
          • RHS Chelsea Flower Show 
            Wednesday 25th
            • Visit the Defence Medical Welfare Service in Hampshire
            Thursday 26th 
            June (27)
            Tuesday 7th 
            Thursday 9th 
            • Attended a Gala Dinner to celebrate the Diamond Anniversary of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award at Stoke Park Golf and Country Club, in Buckinghamshire
            Friday 10th
            • Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral for Queen's 90th Birthday
              • Attend Reception at Guild Hall
            • Held a Meeting at Buckingham Palace for ChildLine
            Saturday 11th 
            • Trooping the Colours - Queen's Official Birthday 
              • The Coldstream Guards Colour will be trooping
            Sunday 12th
            • Patron's Lunch on The Mall in St James’s Park
            Monday 13th 
            •   Order of the Garter Service  at Windsor Castle
            Tuesday 14th   
            • Attend Royal Ascot

              Wednesday 15th   
              • Attend Royal Ascot
              Thursday 16th   
              • Attend Royal Ascot
                Tuesday 21st - Canada 
                Wednesday 22nd - Canada
                •  Visited the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada
                  • Attend Reception
                • Attended a Lunch given by Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba and the Premier of Manitoba (the Hon. Brian Pallister) at the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada
                • Visit Deer Lodge Veterans Hospital
                  • Attended Reception
                • Attended a Dinner at the Conexus Arts Centre to mark the Fiftieth Anniversary of Globe Theatre
                  • Attended a Performance
                Thursday 23rd - Canada
                • Attended a Reception at Government House for young people who have achieved the Gold Standard in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award
                • Viewed an exhibition to mark the One Hundred and Twenty Fifth Anniversary of Government House in Regina 
                  • Attended lunch with the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan
                • Attended a Meeting of Saskatchewan Women in Leadership at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre
                • Attended a Regimental Dinner  for the South Alberta Light Horse at Government House
                Friday 24th - Canada
                • Held a Meeting at the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald for the South Alberta Light Horse regiment.
                • Attended a Dedication Ceremony at Light Horse Park
                • Visited wildfire affected communities in Wood Buffalo
                • Attended a Reception given by the Government of Alberta at the Studio Bell home of the National Music Centre
                Friday 29th 
                • Attended the Funeral of Sir Brian McGrath at St. Barnabas Church
                • Visited Kneller Hall
                Saturday 30th 
                •  Held a lunch for Films without Borders at Bagshot Park
                • Attended a royal concert "Queen & Country" in honour of HM The Queen's 90th birthday at  Fairfield Halls in Croydon.