Saturday, 8 July 2000

Prince George & Princess Charlotte - Official Photos and Appearances (Main Page)

The Cambridges have a difficult task of balancing the public's interest in their children and giving their children private lives, free of intrusion. 

One of the ways the Cambridges deal with this is to release photos of their children every few months. We also see George and Charlotte on the occasional official engagement. 

This list does not include paparazzi pics, polo matches, airports, private weddings, in the back seat of car, etc.

Prince George
So far we have had 29 official photos/appearances of Prince George. That averages to approximately 1 set of official pictures/appearance every 1.9 months (as of last picture/appearance).
Princess Charlotte
So far we have had 17  official photos/appearances of Princess Charlotte. That averages to approximately 1 set of official pictures/appearance every 2.1 months (as of last picture/appearance).
Prince/ss x
So far we have had 0  official photos/appearances of Prince/ss X. That averages to approximately 1 set of official pictures/appearance every months (as of last picture/appearance).
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  1. so you didn't count the christmas last year? yeah it's private church service, I think.

    1. Last year (2016) Christmas was a private church service at the Middleton's local church. So we didn't count it. But if the Cambridges were to attend St. Mary's at Sandringham with the Kids, we would count that.