Thursday, 23 March 2000

Sweden Royal Family Tree

Royals in order of birth, not Line of Succession. 
  • HRH Prince Gustaf Adolf (never reigned)(died 1947) married to HRH Princess Sibylla (died 1972)
    • Princess Margaretha married to John Ambler (died 2008)
      • Children on in Line of Succession 
    • HRH Princess Birgitta, Princess of Hohenzollern married to HSH Prince Johann Georg of Hohenzollern (died 2016)
      • Children on in Line of Succession 
    • Princess Désirée married to Baron Nils August Silfverschiöld 
      • Children on in Line of Succession  
    • Princess Christina married to Tord Magnuson 
      • Children on in Line of Succession 
    • HM King Carl Gustaf XVI (reigned 1973 – present) married to HM Queen Silvia 
      • HRH Crown Princess Victoria (1st in line to the throne) married to HRH Prince Daniel 
        • HRH Princess Estelle (2nd)
        • HRH Prince Oscar (3rd)
      • HRH Prince Carl Philip (4th) married to HRH Princess Sofia
        • HRH Prince Alexander (5th)
        • HRH Prince Gabriel (6th)
      • HRH Princess Madeleine (7th) married to Chris O'Neil
        • HRH Princess Leonore (8th)
        • HRH Prince Nicolas (9th)
        • HRH Prince/ss X (due March)

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Monday, 13 March 2000

Queen's Annual Commonwealth Day Address

The Queen no longer records or gives the Commonwealth Address, instead, it is printed in the program for the Commonwealth Day Service.


Wednesday, 8 March 2000

Denmark Royal Family Tree

  • HM King Frederick IX (reigned 1947 - 1972) (died 1972) married to HM Queen Ingrid (died 2000)
    • HM Queen Margrethe II (reigned 1972 - Present) married to HRH Prince Henrik (died 2018)
      • HRH Crown Prince Frederik (1st in line) married to HRH Crown Princess Mary
        • HRH Prince Christian (2nd)
        • HRH Princess Isabella (3rd)
        • HRH Prince Vincent (4th)
        • HRH Princess Josephine (5th)
      • HRH Prince Joachim (6th)
        • divorced from Countess Alexandra
          • HH Prince Nikolai (7th)
          • HH Prince Felix (8th)
        • married to HRH Princess Marie 
          • HH Prince Henrik (9th)
          • HH Princess Athena (10th)
    • HH Princess Benedikte (11th) married to HH Prince Richard of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (died 2017)
      • Children not in line of succession
    • HM Queen Anne-Marie of Greece married to HM King Constantine II of Greece
      • Children not in line of succession

Tuesday, 7 March 2000

Norway Royal Family Tree

  • HM King Olav V (reigned 1957-1991)(died 1991) married to HRH Crown Princess Märtha (died 1954)
    • HH Princess Ragnhild (died 2002) married to Erling Lorentzen
      • Children not in line of succession 
    • HH Princess Astrid married to Johan Ferner (died 2015)
      • Children not in line of succession 
    • HM King Harald V (reigned 1991 - Present) married to HM Queen Sonja
      • HRH Crown Prince Haakon (1st in Line) married to HRH Crown Princess Mette-Marit
        • HRH Princess Ingrid Alexandra (2nd)
        • HH Prince Sverre Magnus (3rd)
        • Marius Borg Høiby*
          • *Mette-Marit's son from previous relationship. 
      • HH Princess Märtha Louise (4th) separated from Ari Behn
        • Maud Behn (5th)
        • Leah Behn (6th)
        • Emma Behn (7th)

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Wednesday, 1 March 2000

Monaco Royal Family Tree

Children in order of birth not, line of succession
  • HSH Prince Rainier III (reigned 1949 – 2005) (died 2005) married to HSH Princess Grace (died 1982)
    • HRH Princess Caroline, Princess of Hanover (3rd)
      • Divorced from Philippe Junot (marriage annulled by Catholic Church)
        • no children
      • Married to Stefano Casiraghi (died 1990)
        • Andrea Casiraghi (4th) married to Tatiana Santo Domingo 
          • Alexandre "Sasha" Casiraghi (5th)
          • India Casiraghi (6th)
        • Charlotte Casiraghi (9th)
          • Raphaël Elmaleh
        • Pierre Casiraghi (7th) married to Beatrice Borromeo
          • Stefano Casiraghi (8th)
      • Separated from HRH Prince Ernst August of Hanover
        • HRH Princess Alexandra of Hanover (10th)
    • HSH Prince Albert II (reigned 2005-Present) 
      • Child with Tamara Rotolo
        • Jazmin Grace Grimaldi
      • Child with Nicole Coste
        • Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste
      • Married to HSH Princess Charlene
        • Princess Gabriella (2nd)
        • Crown Prince Jacques (1st)
    • HSH Princess Stéphanie (11th)
      • Divorced from Daniel Ducruet
        • Louis Ducruet (12th)
        • Pauline Ducruet (13th)
      • Divorced from Adans Lopez Peres
        • No children
      • Child with Jean Raymond Gottlieb (Paternity never officially confirmed)
        • Camille Gottlieb