Sunday, 10 December 2017

Queen Sofia of Spain - Telegram!!!! Birthday Reply (2017)

As you may know, the Spain Royals aren't really good about replying. They always don't reply. And when they do, they often only reply to about half the people who wrote. I have only gotten one other reply from Spain Christmas 2016 from King Juan Carlos & Queen Sofia, despite numerous letters over the years.

So, when I wrote for Queen Sofia's 79th birthday last month, I wasn't expecting a reply.

Then this came in the mail. From the outside, it kind of looks like a piece of junk mail. But when you take a closer look it will sort of blow your mind, and make you feel like you've gone through a time portal.

It's a TELEGRAM!!!! A real-life sent, this century, telegram! I didn't even think telegrams still existed, but here one is. (This is the 1st Royal Telegram Reply I've seen from this century. And my first piece of Royal Mail mailed from the USA.)

With this kind of telegram, the Spanish Palace sent the note electronically to the telegram company. The telegram company sent it to their Orlando, Flordia office, who printed it out and mailed it to me. (I guess this is a cheaper process than just mailing an international letter.)

Translated the message reads:

"[Numbers I assume are related to their Telegram Account]
Palace of Zarzuela

Mrs. Gertrude Alexandra Daly 
[My Address]

As Chief of Protocol of the House of His Majesty the King & Her Majesty the Queen, Queen Sofia asks me to thank you for your kind words addressed to her on the occasion of her birthday. Warmest Regards, Alfredo Martinez Serrano"

So bizarre to be getting a telegram. It lacks the polish of other Royal Replies, but this will definitely be one of my favourites because of its uniqueness.

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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Offical Christmas Photos (2017)

Released December 3rd: Video of Crown Prince Family decorating Christmas tree at Frederik VIII´s Palace, the Family's home.

Released December 11th: King Felipe & Queen Letizia's Offical Christmas card with daughters Princess Leonor & Sofia. The photo is from Spain's National Day celebrations earlier this year.
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Nobel Prize Banquet - Detailed Schedule (2017)

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Detailed Schedule for 2017 Nobel Prize Banquet in the Blue Hall at Stockholm City Hall. All times are Local Stockholm.

(7 PM Stockholm = 6 PM London, 1 PM New York, 10 AM Los Angeles, 5 AM Thurs Sydney)

6:30 PM
  • Guests begin to arrive at the Banquet and take their seats
7:00 PM
  • Guests at the Table of Honor process in
    • These are the Laureates, Royals, Nobel Prize Officials, etc. 
  • King Carl Gustaf give his speech
  • 1st Entertainment performance
  • 1st Course is served
8:20 PM 
  • 2nd Entertainment performance
  • Main course is served
9:20 PM
  • Dessert Wine is served
  • 3rd & 4th Entertainment performance
  • Desert is served with coffee and liqueur
10:20 PM
  • Student of Sweden parade their University Flags
  • Speeches from Nobel Laureates
    • 1 speech from each category
  • Banquet Ends and Table of Honor processes out
  • After Party Begins

King Michael of Romania's funeral

Embed from Getty Images
Royals Confirmed to Attend:
  • Romanian Royal Family
    • Nicholas Medforth-Mills with Fiancee, Alina Maria Binder
  • Prince Charles of Wales 
Reported by Media as Attending:
  • Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia
  • Queen Sofia of Spain
  • Prince Lorenz of Belgium 
  • Member of Royal Family of Japan, Luxembourg and Sweden
I would expect to see Royals or a representative (i.e. Ambassador) from Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and Sweden.

We likely won't get a full list of Royals attending until the day before or day of the funeral.

Schedule of Events (All Times: Romania/London)

Dec 5th 
  • King Michael of Romania passes away at age 96 (1 PM 11AM)
  • Crown Princess Margareta is declared the new head of the Romanian Royal Family
  • Prayer Service at King Michael's Private residence in Switzerland 
    • (Will happen every night until Dec 10th)
Dec 6th 
  • Book of Condolence is available for the public to sign at Pelesh Castle, the Royal Palace of Budapest, and Elisabeta Palace until January 15th
  • 40 Days of Heavy Mourning Begins
  • 3 Months of Mourning Begins
Wednesday, Dec 13th
  • King Michael in Coffin will arrive in Romania, being flown in from Switzerland. 
  • King Michael will Lie in State in the Hall of Honors at Pelesh Castle
    • Members of the Romanian Government, Official Romania, Diplomatic Corps, Romanian Church, etc will pay their respects. 
Dec 13th-15th 
  • King Michael will Lie in State in the Royal Throne Room at the Royal Palace of Bucharest
    • Members of the public will be able to pay their respects. 
Saturday, Dec 16th (All Times: Romania/London)
  • 10:30 AM / 8:30 AM
    • Short religious service will be held in the Throne Hall of the Royal Palace 
  • 10:55 AM / 8:55 AM
    • Military and religious ceremony will be held in Royal Palace Square, in front of the Palace 
  • 11:25 AM to 12:15 / 9:25 AM to 10:15 AM
    • Funeral Procession: Royal Palace Square – Calea Victoriei – Unirii Square –Patriarchal Cathedral.
  • 12:30 to 2:00 PM / 10:30 AM - 12:00
    • Funeral Mass at Patriarchal Cathedral in Bucharest
  • 2:00 to ? / 12:00 - ?
    • Funeral Procession throughout the capital: Unirii Square – University Square – Romana Square – Charles de Gaulle Square – The Triumphant Arch – Kiseleff Av. – Bucureşti – Ploieşti Av. -  Băneasa Royal Railway Station
  • / ?
    • Train Ride from Băneasa Royal Railway Station in Bucharest to Curtea de Argeş Railway Station
    • Romanian Royal Family will join the Train Ride
  • / ?
    • Arrive at Curtea de Argeş Railway Station. Funeral Procession to New Royal and Episcopal Cathedral
  • / ?
    • Burial service at the New Royal and Episcopal Cathedral in Curtea de Argeș. 
      • Attended by just Romanian Royal Family and Foreign Royals

Monday, 4 December 2017

Queen + Philip's Anniversary & Princess Sophie Birthday Reply (2017)

Two replies came today, both for milestone events. 

Queen & Prince Philip 

The 1st reply is from the Queen & Prince Philip. I had written to them last month for their 70th Wedding Anniversary. 

Nothing special about the envelope, it is the usual from the British Royals. But inside is a very special tri-fold card. (The Queen's 90th Birthday card was similar, but had two panels instead of three.)

The front of the card features the Queen's Cypher, the distinctive EIIR. It stands for the Latin  Elizabeth II Regina (Queen Elizabeth II). The front also features their years of marriage and a joint monogram. We don't often see joint monograms from the British Royals, so this is a real treat. (The Queen and Philip also have a joint monogram with their letters intertwined.)

The inside features two photos and a message from Queen on behalf of Prince Philip. (You will notice the Queen refers to him as Prince Philip, not his title Duke of Edinburgh.) 

The photo on the left is from their wedding in 1947. Per royal tradition, it was taken in the throne room at Buckingham Palace.  

The photo on the right was taken by Julian Calder at Buckingham Palace in Early 2011The photo is part of a special set of official photographs by Royal Images, the official library of official photos of the Queen & Duke of Duke of Edinburgh. 

The organization manages the set of official photos that are available for Royal's charities, government organizations, etc to use for official things.

I would have loved to see them use one of the official photographs released for their anniversary in the card. But those were taken in early November, and there likely wasn't enough time. 

Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein 

I had written in October for Hereditary Princess Sophie's 50th birthday. Hereditary Prince/ss means the same thing as Crown Prince/ss; different countries use the different titles. Some countries use a special title for the heir instead (e.g. Prince of Wales, Princess of Asturias, etc.).

The envelope has a simple front, with a postmark and actual stamps. 

This letter marks the 1 year anniversary of me writing to the Liechtenstein Royals. This is my 5th reply from them. All the previous replies featured the same Butterfly stamp from 2009.

Butterfly Stamp from previous replies
So, it is really great to see a new 2017 stamp being used & it's even more wonderful that it is Winter Themed. The stamp is called "Winterwald/Winter Forest" and was released on November 13th as part of their 2017 Christmas collection.

On the back of the envelope is the royal's address.

The card is their standard pre-made thank you card, with "Many thanks for your kind wishes" pre-printed on it. They then added the mention of her birthday, before Princess Sophie signed it.

I really like how they have this basic card they can use for anything, that they were then able to personalize for the event. I really love the rough edges and the embossed coat of arms. (You see a lot of embossed coat of arms on royal mail, but Liechtenstein has the nicest. The paper is really nice and thick, so the coat of armed is raised quite a bit.)

Princess Sophie signed her name, "Sophie Liechtenstein."

This is the same reply I got last year, except last year's had "Dear Miss Daly," handwritten as well.

It is a very lovely reply, made extra special by the signature. I would have loved a mention that it was her 50th Birthday. I think it is important to denote the milestones. 


Tuesday is our recommended Send By Date for Christmas Cards/Letters to the Royals. If you haven't gotten yours out yet, don't worry. It's not a big deal. It just means your card/letter may not arrive by Christmas. (Depending on your Country, some of you living closer to the Royals, have some extra time to send out your cards.) But I would get them ours as soon as possible.